Access Mobility for Good

With Kite, your mobility is helping support a world of clean commuting, providing access to travel, experiences and each other. Connecting through shared mobility.

Why Kite?

It’s the beginning to something. Something special. It represents the ability to move freely with nature's energy. Historically, the kite was the discovery of electricity (think Benjamin Franklin). Something that has always been here, but for the first time, harnessed, made useful and delivered to the commons. A discovery that would change the way we functioned and the way the world moved. Kite represents the evolution of transportation, a shared economy, and creating change for good, in an industry that continues to move. By the people, for the people. A variety of electric vehicles at your finger tips.

Kite represents the evolution of transportation.

Our Mission is to accelerate the transition to a shared and explored world of electric mobility built into our living and travel experiences.


Kite offers access to clean electric mobility, opening access to your community and the experiences that breath life into our cities and travel experiences.

Great things happen when people can move freely and without emissions; whether it’s for fun, shopping, smarter commuting or to connect with each other. Opportunities appear, open up, become reality. We have started the next wave of access to electric transportation, at your finger tips, to move freely and connect with a world free of traffic and emission – all with the help of a little technology and premium electric vehicles.

Developers, REIT’s, Corporations, City Parking

Kite will ‘green light’ your property with sustainable e-vehicle fleets, allowing you to accelerate your sustainability goals, at zero cost to you, providing access to multiple electric vehicle types for your customers. Utilize excess parking garage capacity, generate revenue, and fulfill net zero mandates.

Hotel & Resorts

We are 100% focused on electric mobility as an amenity and enhancing your guest experiences. The shift in how people access transportation is happening, and Kite is leading the way providing an open-door to a variety of electric vehicles which guests can reserve and use to explore on and off property. Accelerate your sustainability mission and provide a trendy, in-demand amenity for your guests.

Clean, safe and affordable electric mobility.

No crowds, waiting for drivers, shared rides or emissions.

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